Annah says:

“From the time I first heard of Shapers and of the Art of Shaping, in the learning-circles of the Grove when I was a small bloomling, I knew that I wanted to be one.  I felt called to be one.  My Memories–those voices and pictures that each of my people have inside us from the past of our race–told me that Shapers used their Talents–for music, for words, for planting, for healing and for other things–as pathways to show others the ways of Balance.  People are born knowing how to align themselves with the will of Spirit, but often, as they grow older, they forget, and fall out of Balance.  In the old days–as I hope it will be again for my people in the future–Shapers used their Talents to help remind others that they, too, have a purpose and a place in the Balance of all things.  The other Shapers I know, like the other young ones in my Circle–they have different Talents than my own.  Chelries’ Talent lies in dance; she can catch the very flow of the winds in her movement, she can transform herself into the motion of a river’s current.   Liara’s talent lies in language: she knows the tongues in which we spoke once we had left the ancient song-speech behind, and before the humans came, from which we gleaned some of the language now called Standard.  When Liara speaks, I hear Memory and History unfold in the voice of a friend, connecting me to all points on time’s thread.  My own Talent has always been in song.  I grew up striving to learn my own heart-song, and listening to that of others, even the songs of the sleeping ones in the Elder Grove, at restful peace in rock and tree and stream.  I have always and only longed to sing, and to embrace Shaping through my songs, from the moment I first dared to dream I could.”

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