Annah says:

“As wide as I know the Sea of Stars must be, I have still seen little of other worlds.  Holder has told me of some of the things he has seen, as Kale has as well.  I think of the season Holder says is called ‘winter’, on Earth, and the strange thing called ‘snow.’  We have nothing like that on Evohe.  There are three seasons here: Firstwarmth, Suntide, and Evenfall.  I like Suntide best, when I can lie on one of the great stones in the grove and feel the sun caress my skin, or run in the rain when the great storm-clouds gather, sometimes, when the day grows late.  My father says he likes the shorter days of Evenfall better; he says they actually give more quiet time to think, when the light fades earlier and many young ones seek the shelter of their homegrounds before it fades.   Shade and sun, light and darkness, all things have their balance.  But I am young, still, and I treasure the gift of the sun’s light and heat, which warms me as surely as the gaze of Holder’s eyes upon me, as we sit by our campfire, listen to the not-birds sing, and watch the shadows lengthening across the greenwood.”

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