Annah says:

“Sharing myself with others has been a long and sometimes difficult journey for me.  Life on my world is not what it is on Earth–we do not build structures to keep others out, and to draw lines of ‘mine’ and ‘theirs’ between ourselves and others.  The matters of life are not hidden on Evohe–not the matters of physical life, in any case.  Eating, sleeping, sharing pleasure, bathing, eliminating waste–none of these things is a matter for shame.  They are An-dei; “The Way.”  It is strange to me, then, how we are still learning to be open with one another about the things inside ourselves.  I did not understand, when I was small, why having a different shape, or differently-colored eyes, or uncommon thoughts, could cause one to be shunned.  I have seen enough of life, now, both on my world and others, to know that it is a common problem.  Perhaps by sharing more of myself, here, in these words–and in the books that tell the story of my life–I can help to make it easier for those like me–those who are born seeming somehow separate from others–to learn to love those things that make them who they are, and to allow others to learn, through them, that life has many shapes, and all are gifts in their own right.

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