From Seeds to Starlight
Oct 15-Nov 15, 2013
A Virtual Blog Tour Celebrating the Release of


the new novel from Clay Gilbert, coming Oct 15 from Rara Avis and PDMI Publishing

Oct 15 –Release Date: Annah’s World/ and

Oct 15 –Release Date: Annah’s World/ and
Oct. 16 Daven Anderson
Oct 17 Sirena Robinson
Oct 18 JD Brown
Oct. 19 Elizabeth Mueller/
Oct 20 Virginia Lori Jennings
Oct 22 Interview with Jo Linsdell-Feliciani.
Oct. 23 Cindy Koepp
Oct. 24 Dean Bonner
Oct. 26 Victoria’s Reading Alcove/Victoria Adams
Oct. 28 Darin Kennedy
Nov 1: Seeds and Starlight on the Road—Book Signing Event at Dragon Quills Comic Books in Gadsden, Alabama
Nov 2 Aspie Catholic/Jason Thayer
Nov 10 Anya Martin
Nov. 13 Stacey Haggard Brewer and Bobbi St. Jean
Nov. 15 Live Twitter Interview Hosted by Virginia L. Jennings

Join us—the adventure is just beginning.


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