Passings and Partings

Annah says:

“One of the ways my people are different from humans is that we may, from time to time, go back to the soil, or become one with a tree or plant or some other growing thing, and take rest there until we are ready to rejoin the waking world.  We do not mourn those who have gone to their rest, as we call it, although we do miss them.  When my parents were at rest, I would sometimes go to the Elder Grove and speak to them; tell them about my days, about my dreams, my sadnesses–and my joys.  I used to think true death was a different thing entirely–that the spirit-river Essei-Khai, whose great expanse bridges the shore between the waking world and the lands beyond this one, was entirely too large a gap to be dismissed.  I was heartbroken when my teacher, Serra, passed from this world.  And I know I will mourn for my parents when they, too, go to their final resting–on these shores, at least.  But I have heard Serra’s voice many times: in Vision, and in dreams, where, in sleeping, we are closer to those we can no longer see.  I know she is not truly gone.  I still carry her with me, in my head and in my heart, and one day, we will meet again.  Holder believes this, too, although  his kind do not go to rest as we do.  But no matter our physical differences, he and I both believe–all those we love, all those to whom we are joined by blood or by choice–there can be only a moment’s separation between us, in the First Ones’ eyes.  And a moment is small enough a thing to be endured, when we know that, truly, we are one.”


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2 responses to “Passings and Partings

  1. Learning something about how “passing” as well as “arriving” has its own special part in life is a treasure beyond price.

  2. One common thread shared by the people of Evohe (yours) and Sek’Met (mine) is that their attitudes regarding death are more evolved than ours.

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