Seeds and Sleeping

Annah says:
“It is the season of Firstwarmth here on Evohe, and while my world has no winter, like Holder’s Earth does–a fact for which I am very grateful–it is still cooler at this time of the cycle’s turning than at any other, particularly in the evenings. I find myself lying longer in my beddings now, in the mornings–some of this, I am sure, is because Holder is there beside me, and I have no wish to leave his warmth so early. Some of it may be because of the bloomling sleeping and growing within me–mine and Holder’s child. His or her presence–we do not yet know which it will be–grounds me now in ways that were never so before, even once I became the Elder Shaper for my people. I feel the potential now, in everything–in the seeds that sleep in the soil, waiting to spring forth in just a short time more; in new songs that wake me in the night, begging to be sung; in new understandings brought about by the things I teach my Circle–and the things that they teach me.  And of course, in mine and Holder’s–children. Yes, I am fairly certain there will be more than one. It is a season of uncertainty for us here, but that is not a bad thing–for out of uncertainty can come the guarantee of sorrow–but from it, also, may grow the certainty of new joys.


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2 responses to “Seeds and Sleeping

  1. Reading this reminds me how much I enjoyed reading your book

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