Blossoms and Bloomstalks

Annah says:

“Through no design of my own, I have fallen into the path of being a teacher, for those of our people who seek the craft of Shaping.  One day soon, it will be my task to help Holder teach our children, and guide them firmly and safely along the path of their Becoming.  I am sure that we will both teach them many things, but one thing I am determined for them to learn is that the shape of their bodies–particularly the gender to which they belong–should not determine, in all ways, the shape of their lives.  It is true that only females may give birth, but that does not mean that the entire spectrum of a female’s life should be determined by hearthfire and homeground.  Among my people, women are hunters, mothers, healers, and teachers.  The furrows and petals of the blossom between a female’s thighs do not forever mark her as a field to be plowed, a page to be written on, no more than the bloomstalk that lies between the legs of a male makes him inherently the aggressor, to impose his will upon others.  The males of my kind are care-givers, protectors, builders, preservers.  I have in my own painful memories the recollection of one who learned too late that the physical ability to bend someone to your will does not mean doing so is right, and does not mean that act will come without consequence.  Holder and i will teach our children–and the folk of our Circle–that all life is to be treasured, and that differences like gender–like the commingling of bloomstalk and blossom, bloom and seed–are meant to bring Balance, not division.”

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One response to “Blossoms and Bloomstalks

  1. Interesting metaphors. Men and women are different, and that’s okay. Things that aren’t biologically limiting can be learned by both.

    Still, all things are lawful, but not all things are expedient.

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