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Building a Mystery

Annah says:

Besides flying starships, music is one of the passions Holder and I share most.  In particular, Holder is fond of the music of Old Earth, in what was the twentieth century in the way they measured time then.  There is a song from that period by a woman named Sarah which reminds me very much of the first days I knew Holder–when he was still lying unconscious, healing from the crash of his ship.  In those days, he was both an object of fear and desire to me.  The sight of him was like beholding the face of another world; the touch of his skin like stretching my fingers toward the Sea of Stars, and bringing one of those distant lights down to hold it in my arms.

I would be untruthful if I did not say that I wanted him very much, even then–I could read his thoughts; see his pain–a pain much like my own.  It is a childish thing, perhaps, to fall in love with someone you hardly know–but sometimes the seeds of knowledge can be planted in ways most do not recognize–and that knowledge, guided by an open heart–can only deepen over time.

And it has, beyond measure–but it began in a moment much like this song describes–and, I cannot help remembering–I did sing to him.”


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