New Life, New Light

Annah says:

“It is the start of a new Cycle–my twentieth.  I confess, I was sad to leave behind what Holder says are called, on Earth, ‘the teenage years’.  But it can also be a time of much awkwardness and struggle, and I am not sorry to see that part of those days pass.  These days, I find myself much concerned with my own bloomlings–well, mine and Holder’s, although, if  I sometimes emphasize the ‘my’ a bit much, I must say I did give birth to them.  Holder’s own part in their conception was much briefer and, I certainly hope, less painful. 😉

Still, though, Linnah and Laren are a joy to both of us.  Laren is quite verbal already, as Holder tells me he was even when he was less than a cycle old, while Linnah speaks only a word or two at the time, and still sings more than speaks.  My mother and father assure me that I was the same when I was small, and say that they see the same spark of curiosity in her eyes they once saw in mine.  It is fortunate that I know most of the best hiding-places for a wandering bloomling in this Grove, having hidden in most of them myself when I was small.

Laren does not wander far, and often spends much of his time by his father’s side, learning how to fix things, like our ship, or make things, like tools, out of stone or wood.  I wonder if he will not be a Builder or at least a Maker at some point, when his Talent has truly come forth.  Every Shaper is different, and it is early to tell.


Whatever our small ones turn out to be, we will love them.  Here at the beginning of the Cycle’s turn, it is just fun to see a new flame kindled, and wonder how brightly it will burn, and what shape its silhouette upon the world will be.


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