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Brothers and Sisters




Annah says

“The idea of family is something that is very important to me.  This may seem strange to you,  if you have read what I have written of my life, and know that I was my parents’ only bloomling, and that I grew up mostly alone.  But I think this has allowed me to treasure the bonds of family even more.  I think it allowed me to love my parents even more deeply when they returned from their Cycles of rest in the Elder Grove.  And not all family is blood-bound.  I  love Chelries and Liara as surely as I would if my parents were theirs as well, and those of my Circle are family as well.  And there is Holder, and that is yet another kind of family-bond–and Kale is a part of my family as well, which I have never been able to deny, even when the guilt over our brief partnership made me want to.

I believe that on many worlds, among many races and life-kinds, the idea of family is what preserves peace and Balance.  The idea of family is, at its roots, the idea of connection.  It is too often twisted into a notion of separation.  We are all part of the great family of Life; whether we grow in separate gardens or not, we are branches of one Tree; though we grow from seeds scattered in a space as wide as the Sea of Stars itself, we intertwine, because it is the nature of life to reach out for life.   Even the borders within ourselves–the tiny walls of our own cells, or organs–they are nonetheless part of a greater whole.  It is a truth we cannot escape, even if we try.  And when we do try, when we pull away from the union in which the First Ones created us to live, we only bring pain to ourselves–and we are not meant to live in pain and grief.

If my life so far has taught me anything–and if there is something I want to teach any of those who will listen to me–it is this: we are all one family.  On every world, in every hearth and homeground–we are different, but we are a part of one another.  I may have been my mother and father’s only bloomling–their only child, as Holder would say–but my brothers and sisters are everywhere.”



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