Open Hands




Annah says:

“All around me, all my life, I have seen people struggle with the issue of control.  It is at the root of life from its beginnings–as bloomlings, we learn to control our bowels and bladder, to control the movements of our arms and legs; we bend beneath the gentle control of our parents, and we learn to control our own actions.

I have seen many seek to control others–to sad and sometimes fatal and destructive ends.  There was even a young male of my own kind, whose name was Jonan, who once tried to force his will upon me, with results that were ultimately more unfortunate for him.

The government of Earth, called Homesec, has for hundreds of Cycles tried to impose its will on the people of that world and others–to similar effect.

And now, both as a mother and as a leader of my people, I find myself placed in what some might consider a position of control.  And this is why I find myself considering these things today, watching Linnah and Laren play in the stream with Holder, their father, my mate, and the man I love.  I can only control myself, in the end.   I can guide my children, I can guide the students of Shaping and followers who look to me, and I can offer the advice of love and companionship to my mate.  But that is co-existence, not control.

We must walk in life and love with an open hand, so that others may join theirs with ours, if they so choose.  A fist cannot hold anything–it can only smash and crush.

A fist can ultimately hold nothing.

But one day, the open hand–or a hand joined with others– may be a foundation for a whole world to stand on.

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