Annah says:

Has it really been close to a full Cycle since I last wrote in this journal?  Holder has been telling me I have fallen behind, and other friends of ours have reminded me as well.  I could blame it on having more responsibilities these days, with Linnah and Laren here now, I suppose.  But having bloomlings–children–should not mean one’s life stops.

Change should enrich a life, not stop it.  Life is a cloth woven of changes; like the threads of a bedding-blanket woven by a parent for their child, as mine did for me when my mother was carrying me.  Our people sometimes are wrapped in bedding-blankets when they go to their final rest, as well–when they pass into selei-khai, ‘the crossing’–the final passage, not the temporary passage from the waking world that our kind may go through a number of times before our lives truly end.

The season of Firstwarmth is nearly at an end, and soon Fullwarmth will be upon us; not as hot as Greatsun, but still warm enough and without even a breath of chill most days.  Days for long soaks in the cold stream-water; days for long drinks of fireflower tea, freshly made–and the seedmaidens of our Grove have been harvesting the fireflowers already.

Having children does not just make one busy, but it also wakes one up, as well.  Holder is laughing now, as he reads this over my shoulder.  Our daughter Linnah was named for the morning-bird called the linnaere, whose song is often the first thing one hears in the mornings on Evohe–and her voice is usually the first thing we hear, even before our own.  Her brother Laren sleeps later–not much later, but still.  But although they have brought changes, they have brought joy as well.

These are stories I will tell you soon; things I will write more of in the days to come.  Embrace the changes that come to your own life, for change means, most of all, that the Wheel is still turning.  And that, in whatever season, is a thing of joy.rosewheel


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