Many Songs, Many Voices, Part I: Annah

Annah says:

This will be an unusual journal entry, I feel I should warn you.  Music is a fundamental part of life on my homeworld of Evohe, and as a song-Shaper myself, it has been as close to me as my own breath since I was first bloomed and born.  I know it is dear to the hearts of my two best friends, Chelries and Liara, as well.  As a bloonling, and later as a young seed-maiden, I had little but my own voice and the melodies in my head to stitch together songs from.

Later, when Holder and I met, he opened my mind to the vast wealth of music that human culture had produced.  I will always love the songs and melodies of my people, for their echoes lie in my own heart.  But I have learned to love the songs of Holder’s distant world of Earth, as well, as have my two shenai-khori–my heart-sisters.

I like many styles of music produced by humankind, but I will try my best to give two or three examples from each type with which I am familiar, and then I have asked Chelries and Liara to do the same.

Heavy metal: I am familiar with it, as it is one of the types of music my beloved mate, Holder, loves most in the world.  Much of it hurts my ears, but there are a few songs of this kind that I like.  Here is one of them–but not quite all 😉


Rock: There is so MUCH Earth music that fits in this category that I cannot really even begin to list everything here that I like.  Many of my very favorites are by female singers, which will probably not be surprising, and I will give a couple examples of these:

Sarah McLachlan is probably my favorite single Earth singer of those I have heard.  I wish I could have heard her–as does Holder, actually–but she lived during the era of Old Earth history, long before now, and she has been at rest for a long time.  But her music still survives.  This is one song I love, very much.  I find in it echoes of some of the things I have tried to teach others, and I have played it for our Circle more than once.


Although Holder likes a lot of ‘hard rock’ and ‘heavy metal’ music, his favorite band is a group of musicians collectively called by the strange name of The Grateful Dead.  They made beautiful music, and I like a lot of it.  Here is maybe my favorite song by them, though.


Although my tastes in Earth music—like the music of my homeworld–are fairly diverse, I find myself drawn to the stories I hear in melodies, even some melodies without words.  I will get to some of those soon, but for now, here is a story-song which reminds both Holder and I of our earliest days together on Evohe.



I have said that many of my favorite Earth singers are females, and this is another example–Tori Amos.  There are many songs of hers that I am fond of; I like the things she does with her voice and the way she puts melodies with words.  I wish I could have met her.  My sister Liara agrees, although I expect her reasons are not exactly the same as mine. 😉


Before I move on to another form of music entirely, here is one more song, by a group of musicians comprised of both males and females, with another curious name–the Arcade Fire.  I am still not certain I understand that name, but I love this song.



Country music:  Much of this kind of music sounds like music that might be made on my own homeworld, if we had the technology to build instruments, and if we could all sing in Galactic Standard.  I love many songs of this kind, but I will start with one whose melody I actually learned from my friend Rynn Handel, deep inside Gracegate Prison.  She sang it to me as a lullaby, although the words were different.  When I found this version and was finally able to play it for her, she was amused at the name the Earth musician John Denver had chosen for it.  I do not believe in accidents.  I have not seen Rynn in many cycles now, and I miss my friend, and her voice, that I hope to hear again some day.


And here is one more.  Laughing Waters Grove, where I grew up, and the Valley Country on Evohe where it lies, is much like some of the places John Denver sings about.  Holder teases me sometimes that I am what he calls a ‘country girl’, and perhaps he is right.


Jazz music: I am very fond of what the humans call ‘jazz music’.  It reminds me of flying in a star-vessel, with its openness and ease of changing directions.  I love many different jazz musicians, but here is a short piece by one of my favorites.


Classical music: Holder tried to explain to me once why this type of music was named as it was, but it made little sense to me, having something to do with time, a time so long distant from that which he and I live in that it is hard even for me to comprehend, even knowing how long some of my race sometimes live.   Nonetheless, i find much beauty in this type of music, and here are two of my favorites.


And with this last piece, I should end this–Chelries wants to set down her own chapter of this journal, and of my two shenai-toyen, she is the most difficult to argue with.  So I will leave you with this:

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