Many Songs, Many Voices: Liara

Liara says:

Hello!  I am sorry it took me so much longer than the others to post my entry.  But, I suppose I treat the craft of words the way Annah treats singing, or Chelries her dancing.

I love music, just as my two sisters do.  Chelries might say that I place too much attention on music that has distinct or intelligent words, but I cannot help this.  Words are the way my heart understands the world, and how I am understood by others.  I am lucky many of the musicians and singers of Earth seemed to feel the same way.

Annah and Chelries would tell you that I love the human singer Tori Amos, and they would be right.  Listening to her, I wonder if, like me, she grew up keeping a side of herself secret, fitting in where she could.  I know I have.  Even the language of the lyrics here is a kind of code–but sometimes words are a mystery.   Tori’s words, like her music and–dare I say, herself–are beautiful.


In the time after Annah left us, and before she returned, we all got to know young Erys, the seed-maiden whose Shaping-Talent is painting.  One night, Holder played us this song, about a painter from Old Earth named Vincent van Gogh.  Gorgeous lyrics, and music to mirror it.


Like Annah, I am fond of the Earth singer Sarah McLachlan.  Although I am probably more partial to Tori Amos, I do love Sarah’s music and the skill she had with words.


In the account of the Cycle that brought the Battle of Holdfast written in Annah’s third book; the Cycle when she went to her rest–there is not much said of my reaction to her passing.  That is less Annah’s fault than my own.  I was not sure how much I had lost until I already had.  I think of what she has told me–that one day, I will lead our Circle in her place.  I hope I am more ready for that, in time, than I was, more than a cycle ago.


For the last song in my entry, I want to offer a song sung by a male voice–both so you will not think that I cannot hear truth sung by someone with a bloomstalk rather than a blossom–and because truth is its own justification.


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