Many Songs, Many Voices, Part II: Chelries

Chelries says:

Hi!  I have been excited since my sister Annah first suggested we share about the types of music we like.  Although I am not a singer, like she is, I still love music–and she is not a dancer like me, so I suppose everything is in Balance! *giggles*

I like many different kinds of Earth music, just as Annah does, but one thing that matters most to me is, does it make me want to move?

Here is one human song I love very much, that i think could totally have been written here on Evohe.  And surprise–the vidscreen footage has dancing!


One thing I have come to understand about Earth culture is that female beauty on that world is often associated with having a very thin and slim form.  Some females even starve themselves to achieve such a thing.  Annah looks this way, even though she is of my world, but she does not starve herself–she is that way naturally.  My form is rounder–‘curvy’, Holder would probably say–and maybe I am even a little large, for I do enjoy eating, especially fruits and baked things that my mother taught me to make.  So this song means  much to me–I could have written it myself.


I do not know where Holder found this next song, but I love, love, love it.



Besides dancing, I also love playing the instrument that in the language of the humans, is called a ‘drum.’  And I like the recorded drum music I have found from among the records of Earth cultures.  Besides, drums were meant to dance to:


I must say, I did not know the type of music called “punk rock” existed before Holder came to my world and became a part of Annah’s life–of all our lives.  This is a ‘punk rock’ song I love, by a band called the Ramones, whose music is easy to dance to…even if the kind of dancing it makes me want to do is just bouncing up and down!


I think it embarrasses Holder and Annah both that I love this next song as much as I do.  Holder says he thinks it was forgotten in Earth cultural history ‘for a reason.’   *laughter*   I still like it.  And I will claim one small victory–I got Annah to dance with me to it, once.  Holder, Goodman and Liara fell over themselves laughing.  Annah made Holder sleep on the far side of their fire–outside her bedding-blankets–for two nights after. *giggles*


Here is a group of females from Old Earth I wish I could have met.  This song reminds me of myself, Liara and Annah, and what we mean to each other.  If I do take a mate some day–and I honestly hope I will–he had better respect Annah and Liara as much as he does me.  These ‘Spice Girls’ had the right idea.


Now, not everything I like has to be about dancing, although my sisters tease me that is all I enjoy doing.  I do like slower music from time to time–they are good to fall asleep to. *giggles*



One last one–and this one is back to dancing.  I had no idea where Holder had found this one when he and Annah first played it for me, and showed me how to dance to it.   Then they showed me the–movie, yes that is the word–it came from.  Such love!

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