Waiting for the Light



Annah says:

It has once again been a long time since I wrote in this journal.  This Cycle, perhaps, I have an excuse–there are two new books of my story in the world.  Perhaps you have read them already.  But life must go on, and new stories must be lived, and written, and told.  It never gets as cold here on Evohe as it does on Earth, but our days do shorten in the waning part of a Cycle, and in that time, it is a custom of my people to remember that, although the Cycle of a life may be long, it in time passes away, from us into others, like a candle’s flame that is passed to bring light to another life.

In the times when we see little light in our lives, it is always there: in the touch of a mate or a friend, in the embrace of family, in the bright eyes of a child, for whom Life itself is a new flame whose light and warmth are being discovered anew, each day.

There are days, for us all, when we seem to have little to say and less to do.  I may even  have had a few of those days myself, recently.  *laughs*

But in the days when the fire within seems as distant as the sun itself from the ground I stand on, I look to Holder’s eyes, or to the eyes of our bloomlings, or to that ever-present place where the eyes of the First Ones have always looked back at me, and I remember that the light will come again, and indeed, it has never really left.

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