Children of Evohe is a series of science-fiction novels by Clay Gilbert, centering on a distant planet at the Edge of the universe called Evohe, its people, and their struggles both within themselves and with the people of Earth and other worlds.   The principal character of the series is Annah, a young female of Evohe who is an outcast, both for her unusual physical appearance, her desire to explore the stars beyond her world, and her dream of restoring  Shaping, the ancient religion of her people, to its former prominence.  The series also tells the story of Gary Holder, a man from Earth who becomes Annah’s mate, and who, like her, comes to believe in the importance of Shaping not only to Annah’s world, but his own.  Annah and Holder’s journey brings them in contact with Kale Goodman, a former official in the corrupt world government of Earth, and with Chelries, Liara and other Evoetians drawn to the dream of restoring their world to the glories it once possessed, and bringing new understanding to their people, and those of other worlds.   Children of Evohe presently includes three novels: Annah, Annah and the Exiles, and Annah and the Gates of Grace, all published by Dark Moon Press.

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