Annah and the Gates of Grace

In the third novel of The Children of Evohe, a quest to help their new friend Maria Cantrell save the life of her lover and mentor, their old compatriot the Maestro, has led Annah, Holder and their Circle on a search for Gracegate Prison, a legendary penitentiary beneath the surface of the planet Holdfast,  built by Earth for the detainment of Offworlders and Offworlder sympathizers during the last Big War.  What Annah and the others  find waiting for them in the depths of Gracegate will test the boundaries of friendships and love, threaten lives, uncover secrets and illuminate Annah’s own greater purpose: her role as the Restorer not only of her people, but perhaps of the lost and struggling dissidents on Holdfast as well.  And amidst all of this turmoil, Annah faces another challenge–impending motherhood, and the role her child–or children–will play in the yet-undetermined future of her homeworld of Evohe.