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Annah says:

“Today is the day of Greatsun; the time of greatest light. I woke Holder up early this morning; made him come down to the stream with me for a swim, and after–well—after, we had a breakfast of spice-grasses and meatbark, and he took out his oid git-arr (I know how to say it now, but I still enjoy saying it the way I did when I first learned the humans’ language) and played me this song. It is one that has followed us our whole lives together–he played it for me in his early days here on Evohe, and though the verses made no sense to me, I sang along with him on the chorus, which spoke to the very heart of my spirit. During the Barricade Days–our time of captivity on Holdfast, which one day you will read about–it was a song that made us think of going home. By then, I knew a little more of Holder’s world, and what the verses meant. Today, whatever else the song means, it means the search for home, and love. Together, Holder and I have found both. May you who read my words find it as well.”

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June 21, 2014 · 12:50 pm